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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser I'm confused

  1. Here’s my situation. I live in Vancouver, WA right now, but am moving the 30th to Las Vegas, NV. I recently became qualified as a consultant and earned my first super starter bonus! :D I have put in a request to field services for a request to bump my SS month one to next month because of my move and I know maybe 2 people down there. I talked to my director who told me she talked to field services, and they said I could get the extension. I wrote [email protected] and received an e-mail from one lady who told me I couldn’t bump my SS month because I already qualified. :eek: I talked to my director again who called field services again and they called me. I was told to forward my request onto this lady I was speaking to and still have not heard back from her it’s been almost week. Should I write her again? :confused:
    Also, I got a booking for fundraisers for a softball team during the summer and during the winter. But I won’t be here in town to do a kitchen show for them. When I asked field services about how to go about doing this they said I had to do a kitchen show. My director says I can do a catalogue show type fundraiser for them. I was thinking about maybe trying to get the softball girls together before I leave and doing a short kitchen show to show them the products and explain to them how it would all work. But, I don’t know how it would work. I know I’d give each girl a catalogue, order forms and the monthly host special to encourage bookings. But, on the fundraiser check list in Recipes for Success, in the first call section it says no member of the organization can claim tax-exempt status. I called field services on this and they said that the taxes are based on where the products are shipped to on all shows. My director on the other hand says that by law we can’t charge a resident of a stat that doesn’t charge sales tax if we use the tax-exempt form provided on consultants corner. So, which is it? Right now I have a show open that I held in Vancouver, WA where we do have sales tax. One of the guests was from Oregon where they do not have sales tax. I didn’t charge her shipping, but now do I have to because the orders will be shipped to Washington? And, what do I tell the chairperson of my fundraiser about this? Can the girls buy things from this fund raiser? Can anyone give me any suggestions on how I can put this fundraiser together like a catalogue show? I haven’t done a fundraiser yet so all of this is new to me.
    Has anyone received any misinformation from Field services? I wish I had all the rules here in writing so I didn’t have to keep calling and getting different answers. Does anyone know of any way to get paper documents of all of the rules in detail?
    Any and all advice would be truly helpful. Thanks so much. Happy cooking

    May 18, 2005

  2. I can't give you technical answers, I can only give you the information that I have been provided with on situations like these.

    I have always been under the impression that the only Super Starter Month that as changable was the first. If you have not heard from this lady taht you were told to contact though I would call again to confirm all that you have been told.

    As far as the fundraiser, this is the first time that I have ever heard that it can not be a catalog show. As long as the sales are received, I can't imagine how it would matter. I would call field services on this one and hope to get a different person to talk to. If you get the same answer twice then I would take that as truth.

    As far as the tax exempt question... the sales tax for the STATE that the show is held in does need to be charged, regardless of where an individual order may be being shipped. That one out of state outside order does need to be charged sales tax. Plus an out of state individual who lives out of state does need to pay sales tax of the state that is being held.

    If the show is held in a state that there is no sales tax then you don't charge sales tax to anyone.

    The tax exempt status of an organization only applies to what that organization is purchasing for their own benefit. All of the guests and outside orders do need to be charged sales tax. The only ones that the tax exempt # is any good for is say if the organization wanted to purchase ie. the Simple Additions to stock a community kitchen.

    I hope of was of some help.

    Good luck with home office.
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