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I'm a 'New' Returning Consultant


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Feb 24, 2008
Hi all, I have just recently rejoined PC. I was a consultant from 2007-2012. After getting laid off from my FT job, my heart wasn't in The Pampered Chef, as I thought it would be and I took some time away. I started doing another DS business, that started strong but then fizzled for many reasons. I was trying to get it going. In this time I was still hosting and passionately talking about PC. I decided to come back as a consultant as I do lots of extra circulars, that cost $$. I didn't want to get a PT job with a schedule I couldn't control and since I've not stopped buying or using PC it was time to return.

I hosted a launch party this past Thursday and got one cooking show confirmed, one online/catalog party already going strong and a 3rd party that the host want to have in early March but she is still debating on whether to do an in home or catalog/online party. I feel pretty good about the momentum I'm building and am looking forward to a successful run with The Pampered Chef and will definitely be back on here for ideas and tips to help get me up and running successfully!