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Idea for selling

Mar 19, 2005
Hey I had an earlier post (I don't know anyone in my area, but I want to sell PC). Anyway I was reading in our local paper about a town wide garage sell that is in May.If you call in the next week they put you on the garage sell map. I live in the country and thought what if I could find a place to set a table up in town and sell? Was wondering what luck any of you have had with this, or any ideas. I was told that if I signed up with PC after April 15th then my first starter month would be the end of May.So I would have April and May to try to earn my $1250. So I thought maybe the garage sell would work?


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
That is a GREAT idea! You can set up a table at the yard sale and put out your catalogs and products from your kit. As people come to the table, you can show them the catalog and have them place an order. I'd offer a gift for those that set up a show.


Mar 10, 2005
I just worked at a yard sale yesterday. A local high school sold tables for $50 to make money for their track team. I had door prize drawing slips on clip boards and any time someone wandered by my table, I asked them if they wanted to sign up for a drawing. I drew one name each hour for a Season's Best. After they signed up, I asked if they had any of our products, would they want to host a kitchen/catalog show - just basically started a conversation about Pampered Chef. By the end of the show, I had one recruit lead and three or four people interested in a show. I also scheduled a fund raiser with the track coach.

Make sure your name and contact info. is on whatever you had out to the people who stop at your table. I made up a flyer with a PC recipe on it and my info. at the bottom. This way people will (hopefully) keep the paper for the recipe and still have my name and number if they ever want to contact me.

Let us all know how your garage sale goes!!!