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Pampered Chef: Idea for next year meet and greet

  1. Chef Bobby

    Chef Bobby Veteran Member Gold Member

    Help me remember this. I thought it would be nice if everyone would bring some kind of tourist brouchure from their state. I've never been to some of the states that I met consultants from. It would be nice to see what kind of attractions are in other states.
    Jul 19, 2009
  2. pampered1224

    pampered1224 Legacy Member Silver Member

    That is a neat idea! The only problem is that I have the memory of a flea so I won't remember this tomorrow let alone next year!
    Jul 19, 2009
  3. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    Cool Idea... Wish I could have made it to the MNG... Just was not time.
    Jul 19, 2009
  4. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Legend Member Gold Member


    There are enough of us from Wisconsin SOMEONE will have you covered. ;)
    Jul 19, 2009
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