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Idea for baby gift

Oct 16, 2005
I recently visited a friend in the hospital after she had her baby. I was looking for a little gift to take to the hospital, didn't have time to go out and buy something, and I thought of another way I could promote my PC business!

I grabbed a few items from my prize basket I use at shows, wrapped them up in cellophane, and attached a flier I got from this website about PC products for parents. I included a mini-whipper, bamboo tongs, a few individual twix-it clips, and a sample of hand soap in the gift (all these items are listed on the products for parents handout and can be purchased on paperwork/supply).

My friend loved it and it was not all that expensive. When you order these items on the supply order, you can get about 5 gifts for about $6.65 + tax (and shipping of course) each. Not a bad way to promote PC and you could even help promote PC baby showers. The possibilites are endless!


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Jan 26, 2006
I did something similar for a baby gift!! I gave a gift certificate with some suggestions for items. The QuikStir Pitchers for mixing up formula, the Nylon Masher for mashing up homemade baby foods, and of course all of the measuring tools are great for measuring out powdered formulas. The new mom loved it!! She can't wait to start shopping!! She feels like the moms are always forgotten, so this is a way to make life easier for her too!! So she gets her own small shopping spree just for her!!

The hand soap and lotions are another great idea for moms that are constantly washing their hands before picking up the baby.


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May 6, 2005
I used to do a table at a baby fair every once and awhile that I split with another consultant. She actually used the tool turn about to put as part of the display. You can actually use this to put all kinds of baby-related items...nail clippers, nose sucker (otherwise known as the bulb syringe, right?), smaller bottles of baby lotion and bath soap, rolled up little washcloths, bottle brush, etc. I forget what else is in there. You could also decorate with pastel-colored ribbon much like you can do to make it look like a wedding cake.

Hope that helps!:D


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Jul 23, 2005
i have some friends that do everything natural...from child birth at home to making and growing there own foods. my friend wants the a/p/c/s because she makes her own applesauce. if you know anyone like that they would be great customers!! there are lots of things my friend wants to buy!!

mary k

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Mar 1, 2006
You can use the flour/ sugar shaker for a baby gift.
What you do is fill it with baby powder and on the outside of the flour/ sugar container add stickers.:) :)