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IContact and TT Questions


Gold Member
May 20, 2009
Hi Everyone!

Just trying out TT and iContact and sent my first one Tue. I am still in my free trial.

1. In the iContact stats it shows I have 2 complaints. What does this mean...am I in trouble? I can't see who complained. Is there a way to? How does iContact handle complaints?

2. When you get the TT test e-mail sent to yourself can you then forward that on to people? Pros? Cons? Illegal? If you can forward, can you send attachments with the forwarded e-mail like word-docs or pdfs?

Thanks in advance for all your knowledge and insight!


Veteran Member
Oct 15, 2008
I wouldn't worry about the complaints. It is probably someone who didn't want to get your email.

As for the TT email. I woud just subscribe and then you can send them to anyone you want. Joy's emails are awesome! (I use hers and iContact).

As for attachements. You can't add them to an iContact email.


Gold Member
Dec 26, 2007
There should be a way you can go in and see who complained or maybe what the comments were. Like PP says, they may not understand how you got their email address or something. I think if you click on complaints and then there is a place to expand and then refresh.

If all else fails, you can call customer service. I have called them a few times and they are always really nice to work with.


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
A complaint basically means they have unsubscribed. I've had several--it's no big deal.

As for #2--why pay for iContact if you're just going to forward it? That defeats the purpose of using the service!


Gold Member
May 20, 2009
Well, for the free trial in iContact I only have 250 contacts allowed. So I was just wondering about forwarding my test copy because I have more customers than the 250. And I was thinking that if I was the one forwarding it then maybe I could attach something. Recently I have gotten a few registries from an expo and I found a great doc on CS about the benefits of a PC shower vs a regular shower. So I thought maybe I'd attach it to the newsletter that I forward to the registry gals.

Have you guys ever tried this?