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Ice Cream Sandwhich Torte

Jan 31, 2005
Season's Best recommends using the Simple Additions Large Square Platter. We prefer two other ways: #1 - Chillzanne Rectangle Server (but the torte is too high to put the cover on, a little annoying to cut torte on. # 2 (Preferred) - Cutting Board - Place the cutting board in the freezer prior to preparation. Then assemble torte right on it and back in the freezer it goes. Cutting up the torte is easy as can be. Also - recipe says to freeze for at least 30 minutes (longer is better) - I've seen many a freezer I wouldn't want to trust the platter in...

Pampered Amber

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May 12, 2005
Funny story about the sandwich torte and not trusting a freezer. The show I hosted, I signed up to become a consultant that night, we did the sandwich torte on the Chillzanne platter and as we are taking it out of the freezer it falls to the floor as we open the door!!! So needless to say I was embarassed for me and my director but the platter worked great I thought. We didnt have to worry about the cover going back on the torte as everyone still ate it up!! We had to take 2 of the sandwiches off and rearrange a little but it came out looking good anyways. We did sell 2 of the platters!


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Jan 21, 2005
I always make it on the Rectangular server. I do not put the lid on until we're putting the leftovers back in (if there are any). Once the torte has been frozen it does not stick to the lid anyway - and even if it did, it's a LEFT-OVER!
Apr 24, 2005
I like the idea of doing it on the cutting board. I just started, and only have the supplies in the starter kit. It is great to know I can still make it :)
Jan 31, 2005
That was exactly why we used the cutting board for the first time as well. We only had our super starter kit and was trying to think of another way to do it and still stay with a PC product. We also do a lot of traveling to visit family and I always try recipes out on them - everyone has a cutting board.

The chillzane is great, but we don't have it yet. :)


Mar 26, 2005
Season's Best

The recipe is in the current S/S 2005 Season's Best. It even has a picture on the back. It is also in the folder regarding the Celebrations Shows (the tri fold colorful folder) in the pamphlet entitled " The Scoop on Ice Cream Creations". It is fun to make, delicious and impressive.

Good Luck!!


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Mar 29, 2005
Cool! I can't wait to try and make it! My husband is bringing Ice cream sandwiches home tonight so I'll try making the torte this weekend if they last that long! :D