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Pampered Chef: Bookings Ice Breaker Games...

  1. PamperedJess

    PamperedJess Member

    Does anyone have a good ice breaker game that they play at there shows? Thanks..
    Oct 5, 2005
  2. Laurenncraigory

    Laurenncraigory Member

    I havent tried it yet, but here's something:

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  3. jenniferlynne

    jenniferlynne Senior Member

    I've found that the Left and Right game is a pretty good ice breaker. Everyone is usually laughing by the end of it. I found it when I did a search under games.
  4. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    the left right game is so much fun. I am usually the one laughing to hard to read the game. at my last show we did this and one lady really wanted it and refused to pass it. the lady next to her won but gave it to the lady that really wanted it since she already had one...its tons of fun. the purse game is also alot of fun...do a search for games...there is one file that has tons of games in it...i dont have it personally but i have seen it...you will find many games in there to use...HTH
  5. Copy of Left & Right Game

    I'm new to pampered chef, does anyone have a copy of the left & right game they can post? Thanks!!!!
  6. jdavis

    jdavis Veteran Member

    Look under files and there is like a web book of a list of games.
    Oct 8, 2005
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