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Ice breaker game


Silver Member
Mar 17, 2005
I had a couples show last night and played this game as a way for introductions. I'm still chuckling when I remember what some of them had to say! :D

I gave each person a small piece of scrap paper (approx 3x5). Told them all NOT to let anyone see what they wrote down. I then asked them to write down a kitchen item that they would love to replace and 2 reasons why they want to replace it, reminding them NOT to let anyone see their card. When they were all done, I told them to cross out the kitchen item and replace it with their partners name. I then had them introduce their partner and the reason they wanted to get rid of them! Example: (this is one from last night),
My wifes name is Christi and she is flakey and old! The husbands item to get rid of was a Teflon skillet! We laughed so hard at some of the reasons! The best one got a door prize. :)

Lee Anne