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I will be doing my first show on Friday. I am so excited I am having

Mar 18, 2006
I will be doing my first show on Friday. I am so excited I am having trouble sleeping at night.:D

I have had several shows myself and am pretty sure that I can talk about the products well. My host is a good friend and there should be about 15 people. She has over 500 in outside sales already. I look for this show to be close to 1000!!!

I purchased a really nice tool bag and put a bunch of my stuff that I have acquired over the years which fill the bag nicely. I will then use my tools from the starter kit for the actuall cooking. My thinking behind this is that they are my "TOOLS FOR THE KITCHEN." My husband is in construction so we both thought of this. I think that this would also be a good idea for couples shows. Men will love it! My husband has no problem spending money on "TOOLS FOR THE KITCHEN" because he reaps the benefits!

Does anyone have any suggestions for first show jitters? I plan to make taco ring and tuxedo brownies!

Durham, MO
Mar 13, 2006
A newbie too

Hey there,
I'm a newbie too, I have not even gotten my starter kit yet, although I probably own most of it already :)! I am ready to do my first show but I'm waiting to officially schedule it when I get the kit!

I'm nervous and excited too. It sounds like you are already off to a really good start. I have alot of people that want to do a show! The taco ring sounds good did you find the receipe on the website?

The profiterole puffs are really good and super easy, you should try those sometime!
Good luck and let me know how it goes!

are you going to play any games and if so what kind?


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Mar 1, 2006
I did my first show last night, and the most valuable piece of advice I can give to calm the jitters is to encourage your guests to speak up throughout the demo. Some people may prefer to approach it more like a speech and won't want interruption, but I found the crowd participation really put me at ease. I was really nervous at the beginning and I started the demo talking about the stoneware. I had left out about two thirds of what I wanted to say and was about to go on to the next product, but the guests all started talking about how much they liked the stoneware and that put me right back on track. There were two former consultants in the crowd and they both said they didn't even notice I almost forgot most of the stoneware spiel. Having the guests just jump in whenever they had something to say really kept it a relaxed atmosphere which helped me tremedously. Sorry this is so long. lol Anyway the show turned out great and I got two bookings and three maybes! Now I'm looking forward to show number two.
Mar 18, 2006
I have made the taco ring for a few years now. I have attached a demo sheet for it. If you can't find the recipe on the website let me know and I will e-mail that to you too!

I don't have any games planned. I made a double batch of tuxedo brownies tonight. I only put filling in half of them. I plan to demonstrate the Easy Accent Decorator by actually allowing guests to try it out! The only prize I can give at this time is a Seasons Best for a door prize.

Are you going to do any games?


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Feb 20, 2005
Here's the Taco Ring recipe....

Taco Ring
(Main Dishes pg 63)

3/4 lb lean (90%) ground beef, cooked, crumbled and drained
1 (1-1.25 oz) taco seasoning mix
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
2 Tbls water
2 (8 oz) pkgs refrigerated crescent rolls
1 medium green bell pepper
1 cup salsa
3 cups lettuce, shredded
1 medium tomato
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1/2 cup pitted ripe olives
Sour cream (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In Classic 2 Quart Batter Bowl, combine beef, taco seasoning mix, cheese and water.

2. Unroll crescent dough; separate into triangles. Arrange triangles in a circle on 13" Baking Stone with wide ends overlapping in center and points toward outside. (There should be a 5 inch diameter opening in center). Using Medium Stainless Steel Scoop, scoop meat mixture evenly onto widest end of each triangle. Bring points of triangles up over filling and tuck under wide ends of dough at center of ring. (Filling will not be completely covered.) Bake 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

3. Using V-Shaped Cutter, cut off top of bell pepper. Discard top, membranes and seeds. Fill pepper with salsa. Shred lettuce and chop tomato using 5" Utility Knife. Chop onion using Food Chopper. Slice olives using Egg Slicer Plus. Place bell pepper in center of ring; arrange lettuce, tomato, onion and olives around pepper. Using Easy Accent Decorator, garnish with sour cream, if desired. To serve, cut with Slice 'N Serve.

Makes 8 servings.