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:) I want to do some training on fundraisers at my next cluster

Jan 4, 2006
:) I want to do some training on fundraisers at my next cluster mtg. Any suggestions? There are so many consultants that don't know HOW to ask for fundraisers... Ideas would be great!!!
Nov 1, 2005
I really dont want to sound like a prude but I know its going to come out that way. But the tools are right here just take your time and go throught the fundraiser post and you will be able to get do's and don'ts of a fundraise and you can also put together packets from the forms that people have posted on here!! good luck and hope I didn't upset you in anyway.

Bryon Sparks


May 12, 2005
I don't know if you have the flyer that you can purchase with you supplies order about funriser but it would be something grat to have. It explain everyting you need to know about PC fundraiser. It's a of the tool I use to present the fundraiser idea to potential customer and with that you can make up anything.