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I think that I heard this idea at conference but would like to open it

Feb 22, 2005
I think that I heard this idea at conference but would like to open it up here to see if we could all brain storm with this one. I would like to do an entertaining theme show. Basically it would be a lesson in presentation. Like different table settings, simple addition displays, etc. I myself have no idea how to set a table appropriately so this could be a great lesson for me too :eek: .

Anyone have any advice?


Jan 31, 2005
I love entertaining friends and family. My mother is an interior decorator and what I learned from her is to play around with things and don't be afraid to move things around. Also think outside the box. I know that doesn't help too much. But my advice would be when you have some time to spare. Practice setting your table up with the things you have and have fun with it. Another idea is to look through magazines and get ideas from there. I am constantly getting ideas from magaines and TV. I've made my own tablecloths with just regular cheapo cloth I find at Hobby Lobby and I find a cute fringe which dresses it up alittle. And your Simple Additions will be a huge hit. Just display what you have. Use the ideas that are on the little pamphlets that always come with an SA piece.

Now would be a great time to have a party like this since the season is approaching when everyone is always having company over. That is a terrific idea! I'll be thinking of some more ideas you can use. Hope I helped.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Here are a couple flyers with ideas I got from another web site. Maybe they will help getting more creative juices flowing. ;)


  • Entertaining Ideas Kitchen Party.doc
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  • Garnishing Tips Galore.doc
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Feb 3, 2005


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Nov 24, 2004
Easy & Elegant Entertaining with Simple Additions

For those who just don't have the words to say, this is an almost verbatim of what to say and do at this kind of show. I typed it up in Word to get all of the email "funk" off of it so that it reads more smoothly.

This will be a FANTASTIC outline for the Entertaining months ahead. I plan to incorporate several of these ideas in my show this weekend!

On a side note, I'd love to go to one of Helaine's shows. Just from the sound of the outline, it sounds lively!


  • Guide - Simple Additions Easy Entertaining Show.doc
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