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I think my market is HOT


Jul 5, 2005
I can't believe this. Doing a little 'word of mouth' marketing and finding out some interesting things. NOBODY has seen a pc magazine in years!! In fact one lady actually thought they were no longer around its been so long!! I was getting my haircut and brought in one to my hairdresser. She gave it to the lady's at the desk. We could over hear them chatting about all the items and they decided to have a book party at their salon!! My hairdresser said that they get LOTS of other magazines from other companies but has been several years since any of them have seen pc! they were so tickled!! I've been hearing the same story over and over. So I'm not sure if other consultants are here and just not marketing themselves or what! I guess thats just better for me then!! :rolleyes:


Jun 6, 2005
That's great for you. In my area it's a hit or miss. It seems some have and some haven't seen for awhile. Trying to get something from it. GO FOR IT! :) Good LUCK! ;)


Apr 22, 2005
Thats Great!!!!!!

That is so great. I hope you get lots of orders, and maybe even bookings out of it. Keep doing what your doing. You're doing great and your not even in your SS1 yet. You'll be getting those freebies before you know it.

Debbie :) :) :)