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Pampered Chef: I think I messed up when I signed up

  1. jessica_momof6

    jessica_momof6 Member Silver Member

    ok, so I had no idea until after I had signed up to be a consultant that you sign up *under* someone.

    I had a consultant that I worked with in May of last year. She gave me papers etc for signing up, but I didn't do it then.

    I went through PC website to get information to host a party 2 months ago. When the director called me, I told her I also wanted the handouts for signing up also (knowing already that I wanted to do it-thus the reason for my party)

    So we had my party, and I told her for sure tht I wanted to sign up. She asked me if I had been working with anyone, and I said "yes, in May" not knowing WHY she was asking.

    That was the end of it, and I signed up under her.

    Now that I know..I feel really bad. I should have signed up under the original consultant. She is the one that introduced me and and got me ready to do it.
    To top it off, this month when I had my party, she actually emailed me about having a show.

    Is there anything I can/should do??
    did that even make sense? :p
  2. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I would apoligize to the consultant that you were working with. It has been almost a year since you last spoke with her. I like you would have assumed she was no longer in the business or that she forgot.
    Mar 10, 2006
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