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Religion I think I just applied for a job


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Jan 17, 2006
Previous conversation with our youth minister led to this:

YM - Yep, we need a secretary
Me - I would apply for it if I could
YM - What do you mean?
Me - If my kids were in school full-time, I would apply. I don't want to leave the kids with a sitter.
YM - Why don't you bring the kids with you?
Me - I suggested that once. No go.
YM - What if they changed their mind on that?
Me - What kind of time would be involved?
YM - 4 days, 4 hours/day.
Me - No go. I can't do that many days.
YM - What would you want?
Me - 1 full day (kids would be with grandma), 2 part days
YM - I'm sure that would work. Let me know.

And so the conversation continued. It ended with me telling him that I would have to talk to my DH about the whole thing.

Please pray for me in this situation. I'm already doing our church newsletter on a volunteer basis. I've recently decided to no longer do PC on a full schedule basis. I just need guidance from God to know what to do!


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Nov 6, 2007
Oh wow ... that sounds cool!

Keep us posted ... maybe you can do your "volunteer newsletter" efforts while you're already at the church.


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Dec 6, 2005
I've prayed for wisdom, guidance, and a clear answer.