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I think I have a problem...


Jan 3, 2006
I have a girl whose doing a catalog show just tell me that she has two orders for the basting bottles that aren't available UNTIL!!! May. I can't add these to her show can I? I mean, I can't even add this in PP can I? What do I do?
Oct 21, 2005
You are correct, you cannot add these to her show. The exact same thing just happened to me! You have to tell the customers that the products aren't available until May 1 and then ask if they'd like you to order them when they do become available. It's an excellent "excuse" for keeping in touch with them!
Dec 22, 2005
basting bottle...

See if you can put the item on her order and then put in the quantity as 0 it will apply it to a wish list....you can call her when it comes in..Not sure if PP will allow it but it is worth a try.. ;)

I had the same problem last night...Just imagine how many we will sell when they ARE available...LOL..Awesome!


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Feb 17, 2006
I have already had several outside orders come in with the basting bottle, they are going to be a great hit! It is a great way to make sure you keep in touch with the customer, who knows you could make a customer for life!


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Feb 14, 2005
Same thing here. Several outside orders for them. I am just going to add them to another show when they are available. Funny how nobobdy reads that they are not available til May 1.


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Apr 12, 2005
I had this happen last season, I almost think PC does it on purpose for the reason of giving you a reason to follow up with your customers, by that time they have heard from the host I got $___ in free product. Plus we get new products to promote every 3 months but keep the same catalog for 6, Doris is a brillant woman. Just my thought on it. :)