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I really don't know what to do!!

Aug 21, 2005
I'm really getting dicourgaged! I only have 2 shows in October (w/3 catalog show) and one show in November, everyone that I call isn't interested or doesn't have the time and I don't know what to do, I've only been a part of PC since May and I want to give it at least 1 year before I decide whether to quit or not but it really getting me down, anyone have any advise? Thanks


Aug 24, 2005
I was talking to my director recently and told her that I finally felt like I had hit my stride. She asked what show I was on, because usually around show #30 you figure out *YOUR* PC personality. That was so true in my case. I had tried doing shows the way she did them, doing shows the way PC training said to do them, doing shows the way I saw other directors doing them. But when I finally found my own voice, my show was suddenly genuine. And when it's genuine, people respond to it.

I still have my show persona and go into performance mode, if you know what I mean, but I think when I was trying to copy others, people could sense a falseness about it. Subconsciously, then, they feel manipulated and they're going to have their guard up. This is turning into a very "zen" answer, isn't it? LOL I am working with a great life coach through LifeLine. They specialize in direct sales and my coach has been incredible about helping me develop a show that creates the results I want. It is not inexpensive but it has been very valuable.

As far as getting the bookings you need, my advice is to seek out training on how to ask for bookings. Lynn Conrad has CD's that I found helpful. Her website is here. Also see if LifeLine Coaches has something helpful. Pampered Chef, I think, has a teleseminar on bookings...check Consultant's Corner.

Good luck!


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Oct 11, 2005
Don't get discouraged just yet. I would refer back to my list of 100 to see if there is someone I haven't asked yet. It really only takes 2 to 4 shows a month to perpetuate the business. My goal is like my director's Have a Show Get A Show. Try that. Also, follow up with show attendees is very helpful. Somethimes people are embarrassed to sign up that night, but may be interested. Check out the cds and scripts for Customer Care Calls. At the very least, your are performing good service.