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Pampered Chef: I qualified!!!!!!!!

  1. funinyourkitchen

    funinyourkitchen Novice Member

    Well my 30 days ended yesterday and eventhough it was down to the wire and had some last ditch efforts...I DID IT!!!!! I had 2 cooking shows cancel on me due to deaths in the family so I scrounged up 2 catalog shows which pushed me just over $1300!
    One of those cancelled shows rescheduled and is actually tonight! I have 3 cooking & 1 catalog show scheduled for April, one of which is a host, interested in the business! I'm still waiting for the other one to reschedule.

    I'm just so excited I had so share it with everyone!!!!
  2. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    That's great! Congratulations! Feels good to know you reached a milestone, huh?! :) Great job for April shows! Do you have a booking slide yet? I highly recommend using it at your shows to help you get bookings at those shows. Best of luck! :)
    Mar 27, 2009
  3. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    Way to go! Good Job!
  4. pamperedpals

    pamperedpals Senior Member Gold Member

    Good job! Keep it up.
    Mar 27, 2009
  5. tlag1986

    tlag1986 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Way to Go! Keep up the momentum.
    Mar 27, 2009
  6. funinyourkitchen

    funinyourkitchen Novice Member

    Thanx guys! I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. And just to think I can feel like this once a month...what an esteem booster!!

    I don't have the booking slide yet, I was waiting to receive that 1st check to buy more supplies. But I will definitely get one printed and utilize that, I definitely saw a difference in the looks when my recruiter/director used it at my show!
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