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Pampered Chef: I need your opinions

  1. Sooner PC

    Sooner PC Member

    I have had several customers ask me if I would be willing to do an upgrade on products they had purchased - for example: they have the old food chopper and want the new one. They want me to take the old one and give them a dollar amount on the new one. I don't want all that old product but I came up with an idea. I am hosting an open house at the end of the month to indroduce the spring line and these customers are going to have a consignment table where they can sell their product as is and then put the $$ they earned toward a new product. I also have some products that I just don't have any room for and don't use at all. I was going to put in some of those items too. I think it will work - just wanted to know what you guys thought.

    Boomer Sooner
    Shannon Overstreet
    Feb 3, 2006
  2. WendyAebi

    WendyAebi Member

    Maybe I'm not following the idea...who is going to be buying the older products, the other customers at your open house? Why would they want an old used product when they're right there at the very place to order the latest and greatest? It just seems like it would hurt your sales; either somebody buys an old one off the consignment table instead of a new one from you, or the consigner doesn't sell it and therefore doesn't buy a new one.

    It seems kind of pushy of your customers to ask for this. If you feel like you really need to go that far beyond customer service, maybe you could offer a bonus guest special, i.e., spend $50, get a free bar board and 15% off any tool.
    Feb 3, 2006
  3. Sooner PC

    Sooner PC Member

    I've had several customers ask me to buy thier old products as an upgrade. I am hoping that the people at my open house would see the old and compare to the new and go ahead and buy the new. On the other hand, if they do buy something old, then the people selling would turn around and buy something new. I could do the same thing - sell the old - invest in new and get the sales. I would definately keep my current customers happy by offering.

    I'm just toying with the idea - I haven't sent the flyers out yet. That is why I asked for opinions. It doesn't hurt to have other people's imput. Keep it coming!!


    Boomer Sooner
    Shannon Overstreet
    Feb 3, 2006
  4. ange13

    ange13 Member

    That's an interesting twist. Kinda like a garage sale along with an open house! Are you going to put up signs on the streets to your house? Or are you just opening it up to past hosts/customers?

    Let us know what you decide and how it works!

    Feb 3, 2006
  5. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    I don't know if I would do it at an open house mainly because I would want people to just buy the new products. I would do it at a flea market or garage sale or something like that. You can always try it if you have gotten some good feedback and let us know how it went. It never hurts to try new things at least one time.
    Feb 3, 2006
  6. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    Don't know...

    if I like that idea! I think it could really hurt your sales and the "vibe" at your open house. Just my 2 cents of course.

    But what about offering those people say 10% off a new food chopper, so they would save $2.85. Or you could buy back the old food chopper at say $5 and then donate it to charity or a good cause!

    I have done the buy back thing for a fund raiser, and most people just donated their old products for the fund raiser! It was great! :D Because then they bought the new product and they felt good about donating their old product to the "soup kitchen!"
    Feb 3, 2006
  7. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    I have run into this several times. PLEASE write to the HO and tell them that they need some sort of trade in program.
    Feb 4, 2006
  8. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Customers wanting new version of products

    We will all run in to this issue every now & then. If they question why Pampered Chef changed it, refer to it as product enhancements and compare to a car, VCR/DVD, etc. We always look for ways to improve what we have, even when there may not be anything wrong with the older car, vcr player, etc.

    I too, offer a 10% discount on the new version if they fax or copy me on the receipt of their old one. (The only reason I request a copy of a receipt is to satisfy some curiosity issues I often have. Did they really have or did friend tell her I'd give a discount if she whined? Who was her consultant - just me being nosy, etc.)
    Feb 4, 2006
  9. pamperedchef2

    pamperedchef2 Novice Member

    iam having an open house at the end of this month and i am having a "demo table" which is 30% off so i would allow my customers to put there things on that table if they would like but make sure they know no guarente other than 10% off
  10. adventurechef

    adventurechef Member

    If I was at a PC show I would want to buy new product, not used.

    How about offer the customer a discount if they purchase a newer product and then take their old product off their hands and donate the used kitchen gadgets to the Salvation Army, Hospital Thift Shop, Women's Shelters, etc.

    When I joined PC and replaced all my old kitchen stuff, I donated the used stuff to my local Hospital Auxillary.

    Just my 2 cents, Linda
  11. KellyTheChef

    KellyTheChef Legend Member Gold Member

    I don't think I would sell the old models at an open house. I think the focus should be on the NEW products and current products.

    I have always offered 10% off to replace their old stuff if they complained. I haven't had anyone try to take advantage of me doing this...it has actually only came up about 3 times in 2.5 years. Pretty sure each time it was regarding the food chopper!

    Kelly :)
  12. afshea

    afshea Member

    Always with a joke....

    I have been asked at shows, in front of ALL of the guests, "Will you let me trade in my Food Chopper for the new one?" and I almost always respond with "You know, I drove by the car dealership and tried that when they new ones came out...and I still had to pay!" That usually gets a laugh from everyone, but also points out in a funny way, that they still have to pay for the new stuff. If they pushed the issue with me later, when I was adding up their receipt or something, then I would offer them a 10% disc. Again, that hasn't been taken advantage of often, because once I remind them that the world doesn't work that way, they usually let it go.

    Also, in reference to selling used goods. I have a "garage sale" section at the end of my monthly (or so) newsletter. I preface the items with a note saying that I am so lucky to earn free products, sometimes find that I have extras, or products are discontinued, so I am willing to let the gently used products go at a discount. I only list a few items each time and each month that something doesn't sell, I lower the price. Sometimes people are thrilled to get an already seasoned stone...how many square bakers do I need! plain..vanilla, green, cranberry....good lord! It's been a hit with my customers, but because I limit the number of items, it doesn't look like I'm selling a bunch of junk each month!
    Feb 5, 2006
  13. Happy Mom

    Happy Mom Member

    In my opinion, I do not think it is a good idea to combine the old with the new products. Why not have a PC sale day after the spring products come out and the weather is warmer? Then you could have a garage sale event, a drawing for free show, and maybe get some different people who shop these sales to become PC customers. You could advertise that anyone who brings brings canned goods to be donated to a local food pantry, would get a chance to win the drawing.
    Feb 6, 2006
  14. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    that is a good idea...putting a few gently used items for sale on your newsletter. I ask myself that same question many times...I don't need 5 of the same item just because each one is a different color. I joined the lets-make-a-deal group, but have never sold anything and only bought something once. It is just too much trouble. I think I have 6 stoneware crocks. I have found a use for them all, but they don't all match my kitchen. Perhaps I will try to find homes for them. I was also putting my new products away this weekend and wondered what to do with my black S.A. stands. I like the look of the black, but I like the way the silver ones are shaped better. How do you determine your prices? I have to admit, I am not good at pricing for yard sales, because I am always afraid of overcharging and being stuck with the stuff, and I generally pretty much give it away. But, our products are too good to just give away.
    Feb 6, 2006
  15. Sooner PC

    Sooner PC Member

    Thanks for all your replies.

    What I am hoping for is that customers will see the old product and ask what is wrong with it - the seller will say - nothing - I just want the new because it is better. The seller has then told the customer that the product is good, but the new is better - thus sending the cutomer to purchase the new product. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I will keep everyone posted.

    Boomer Sooner
    Shannon Overstreet
    Feb 6, 2006
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