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I need some organizing tips for PC items.


Jun 16, 2005
I could really use some tips on what you all do with your Pampered Chef items between shows. I have quite alot since I started in July. I have received both super starters and the bonus gifts. I have an office but I feel like I am getting overwhelmed with PC. My director told me not to order anything and I am sure glad I didn't. I would really like to dispay it somehow so when I have a show I can sort thru it easily. I hope this makes since, I don't care much for clutter, but I know I will be recieveng more and I don't know what to do with it all. I love my PC I just don't know wht to do with it all.
Jul 27, 2005
What to do with extra products

I put my products in my kitchen and use them. This will get you good at how they work, give you different ideas on what you can do with them, and you won't have the clutter. When I started when I got something through super starter or whatever I used that item to replace something in my kitchen and got rid of the old thing.

I do have my starter kit seperate from my kitchen though. I keep the crate packed and ready to go so I'm not packing before each show. I use the same tools at each show. If I need to bring something extra I either try to fit it in the crate or bring another bag.

I only have 4 recipes they can choose from and they all are super starter recipes. I feel that this helps me show what they can get in the kit for their money and shows them they don't need alot of products to do a show. Plus it keeps me from feeling like I need to bring everything I own, which happens sometimes.

If you want to you can put the items on a bookshelf if you have the room. If there is a closet in the office you can put the products in there. Otherwise I would put them in the kitchen and use them.

Brandi W.


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
I use my products between shows. This keeps us up on what we use them for and how to use them. If someone asks a question about it we know how to answer.
If you feel that you don't have a lot of room in your cabinets... consider getting rid of your metal or glass pans that you have stones to replace... who needs em right?? :p
Since I got the St Steel Mix Bowls i got rid of another bowl set that i really didn't like ... another old bowl i now use for my dog's water, since I have the Batter Bowls!

Some consultants have doubles of things that we use at shows a lot... and they keep those things packed. That way you don't have to worry about forgetting it in the dishwasher.

One great part of PC is that we don't have to keep inventory, which takes up space in our homes! We use the products that we sell, and we can still show it....

Hope this helps


Jul 12, 2005
Not for everyone, but..

I bought a second crate. I keep my "staples" in the first crate--Super Starter Kit, US&G, Large Grooved Cutting board, etc... Those are the items I want to have at every show, regardless of the recipe. The second crate is for my "leftovers". These are the items that I pull out by request or for a special show recipe. I keep my 'staples' crate in my home, because I am using those items in my kitchen all the time. After I use them, I wash 'em and put them right back in the crate. The 'leftovers' crate stays in the trunk of my car. Instead of bringing in to the hosts house every time, I leave it in the trunk so that if by special request, someone wants to see one of those products, I have it on hand. Right now, this seems to be working out just fine, as my trunk is pretty large, and the crate is the only thing in it. Just thought I'd share!