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I need help with American Idol show


Novice Member
Nov 16, 2005
I have a host on May 2nd that wants to do an AI show. She booked off a show I did for my director when she was sick. When I got to that show the host told me that I would probably have everyones attention until 8pm when AI started. I thought she was kidding, luckily I had just finished when the show started. It was my biggest party and so over $1000.

I really would like to do that again. I just don't know what do for the theme show. Any food ideas? Games? The show is going to start at 7 so I have about an hour.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 7, 2006

Maybe have the top 10 items (either your top 10 or the company's) and have the guests vote for their favorite to see who the 'Idol' is. Or you could have each guest pick their favorite tool and they have to say what's great about them (doing your work for you) and then have everyone vote. Anyone else have other ideas?

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Do some fun

Guess the song games....give them a bit of the lyrics and let them guess it or better yet, make them sing it.....you could sing a bit of it and ask someone to finish it.....:D THat would get some laughs, matter of fact, maybe I'll use that for tomorrow nights show.....LOL....

How about going onto AI.com and finding out some fun facts about the remaining contestants and asking questions and have some prizes for the correct answer......

Make three of the attendees Randy, Paula and Simon....you be Ryan and the products be the contestants and make them critique the item.....LOL....introduce item...."next up is Food Chopper...." type of stuff...

Or say "if I get, so and so and so and so to get up and sing who will book a show?", pick the two or three chattiest.....pick a song for them to sing.

Cut out pics of the remaining contestants.....have everyone vote themselves who is going to be voted off that week, and who ever guesses it gets a prize, but they have to book a show to contend.....then you call them when you find out who the winner or winners are, you'll end up with multiples I'm sure......

wow, I'm gonna have to print this and remember it.....LOL.....