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I love this company

May 27, 2005
:D Today i came home and when i checked my messages, there was a message from home office at first all i could think about was that they got my commision check wrong or something but boy was i wrong. they were just calling me to congratulate me on a month well done (Aug. $2600 in sales) and a great start to this new month (1 show 1,603) how cool is that i called my husband and was so excited. they mean what they say when they say "in business for yourself, but not by yourself". i have worked at many places and have never been praised like thi, i am so excited. i cant wait to tell all my possible recruits and my team members (have a meeting tonight)

sorry for taking up time, just want to let you guys know how great this company is.


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Oct 11, 2005
I just love the positive reinforcement as well as hard work = reward!

Its amazing to me after working for so many crappy corporations that PC can be so successful with doing things the way it does! Let's see.. treat people with respect, reward them, encourage them.... and they will grow... interesting. Other companies should pay attention.