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I just wanted to reply to the last post by pcsalesgrl regarding the


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Sep 13, 2005
I just wanted to reply to the last post by pcsalesgrl regarding the Ebay issue. I tried to reply on the other thread, but it keep freezing.

As to the issue of posting threads and deleting them...this seems really silly and childish. Especially since you posted again telling us.

People will always find a loop hole in rules and laws. You are one of those people by your own words in your posts. If you are happy with what you are doing...then continue doing so. :rolleyes:

I hope my fellow consultants realize that you are just posting to antagonize us. And it is sad to see my fellow consultants taking offense to posts. I hope everyone realizes that I never mean my posts as a personal attack. And I am sure everyone else feels the same way.

As for you pcsalesgrl...guess what. :) I have earned all of the incentives you mentioned in your last post. I have earned all of the charms-with watch insert, the entire show-to-go, and I have already earned Vienna. But you want to know the best part? I did this without finding the loop holes in the rules. So you see, everyone can earn all of the incentives without stooping to your level! :D

Goodbye pcsalesgrl...have a great life and a wonderful business!
Nov 6, 2005
Thank you for the well-wishing and good luck with your business as I said before. ;)