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I just got my starter kit!!!!


Silver Member
Nov 15, 2005
and OMG I'm in LOVE with the food chopper. How on earth did I live without this thing for so long???

Also used the utility knife (oooh, it's SOOO nice) and the cutting board while making our dinner tonight.

Quick question about the stoneware....

can I cook fish in it? Or will the smell end up in the clay?


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
that is one nice thing about stones it does not absorb the flavor so yes you can cook fish in it and it wont smell like fish


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Gold Member
Mar 29, 2005
See, I had a customer tell me that she bought a seperate stone b/c the one she initially bought, she used it for fish and won't stop smelling like it now. :eek: My hubby and I don't eat seafood so I couldn't tell you from personal experience. Sorry. ;)


Jan 31, 2005
fishy stones

I also had a customer buy another stone because she used one to cook fish on and she said it took forever to get the fish smell out of it. I haven't tried cooking fish on any of my stones (we always grill our fish). I wonder if you have to soke it for awhile? I told her to try the baking soda paste idea.

Anyway, congrats on recieving your starter kit!! It feels like Christams opening up that package doesn't it!!! That random Christmas feeling doesn't stop though! PC is always giving consultants great incentives to work towards! Best of luck to you!! :D