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I have to brag!


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Mar 29, 2005
:D Okay, I had 6 cooking shows scheduled this month and only one had to reschedule and guess what? She rescheduled for June! So now I have 10 cooking shows scheduled (that's a first for that many shows in one month!) and 2 catalog shows and I'm trying for 14! I really want to hit Level 4~$10,000 in one month, man that would be awesome to earn Level 3 even though the Bahamas is my neighbor! My hubby would be so impressed and the paycheck will be phenomenal! I already know I'll make Level 3 so I really just need to push myself to level 4. Okay, my update for the first 2 weeks in May is that I've had 3 cooking shows so far. My first one is closing out at $1057! Yeah! I've reached my 10th thousand dollar show in one year! (I signed Feb 28, 2005 and my first month was April). My second show is closing out at $1040 (we are going to meet tomorrow so we can get her half-price options) so that is my 11th thousand dollar show and they're back to back! I also had a show on friday night and her show is at $645 but she is contemplating the executive cookware set! Man, that will be awesome! I'll be 130 points away from earning the 7 piece set free! I have 2 more shows scheduled and my goal was to bring in over $4k in sales and I just might! I'm so excited I'm sorry I'm rambling but my husband is working! Oh, I'm also on track right now for Level 2 and I have an outside order for $185, have one customer who wants to purchase all of the simple additions and another customer who wants to spend $150!
Good luck everyone and I"ll keep you posted!:D THanks for letting me ramble!


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May 6, 2005
That's awesome! Congratulations! It's so exciting to see a goal come through for you when you take the time to set one and plan it out. Way to go!!:D

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
WAY TO GO!!! Sounds pretty cool! Hopefully you will sail smoothly through the summer with all of this business!