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I have been really going forth and putting a lot of effort into my PC


Feb 23, 2006
I have been really going forth and putting a lot of effort into my PC business. Without the support of my family and those around me I have been doing "outside of the norm" things (realtors, caterers, etc). Well, I had something that I put on sale in my local classifieds, and there was a woman who had purchased something from me and saw my PC signature that I sold PC. She had asked for a catalog when we met, and I followed up with her a few days later to see if she had used the sewing machine and also if she had taken a look at the PC catalog.

The last that I had heard from her, she was interested in how she would order and for my address, and if she could have a few catalogs to put at her Women's Workout World place.

Today I was checking the mail and there was a letter from her and an order for $77.50. This is my first order ever ever. So I am all excited. Granted, it is my 1st SS month and I have been doing terrible finding people, but this really made my day and I had to share it with you all.


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Sep 7, 2005
Good for you! Good luck on your new business! Hope you find some bookings to get your biz off to a great start!



I am telling you, it is all about your enthusiasm. Now that you've had a nibble, you'll start to find it easier to talk about!