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I have a show in 3 weeks and the host wants to know if she can start

Feb 8, 2006
I have a show in 3 weeks and the host wants to know if she can start passing the book around. That seems great to me, but will people order from the book and therefore not attend the show? Should she still send invites to the people that order early? What do you veterans do? This will only be my second show.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Take orders before show!

It's always a good idea for the host to gather outside orders before her show to ensure a successful show guest total.
Explain this to your host:
1. She should invite them to the show first but if ehy want to browse the catalog to get familiar with the products to be sold and demonstrated, that's ok.
2. If someone knows for sure they are not going to make it, defintely encourage an outside order from them.
3. Make sure your hosts have enough catalogs to pass around everywhere they might go in their daily schedule, especially if they may leave a catalog with someone to pick up an order later on.
4. Yes she should defintely invite those who have already ordered, highlighting the fact there will be delicious recipes to taste, they may order more just by seeing the products used in the demonstration.
5. People who order from the book may also get orders from their friends and family for the host who might not have been invited to the show.
Hope this helps.