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Pampered Chef: Bookings I have a question

  1. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    The girl that booked a show at my sunday show last week is only 15!! I swear she looked about 20 and so mature I wouldve never guessed it. Her mother is the one who is interested in doing a catalog show and becoming a consultant. My question is ....is there an age limit to host a show? should I put the show in her mothers name? This girl is interested in becoming a consultant also later. I told her if she wanted I could kinda take her under my wing and show her how things are done and she could go to one show a month with me and see from a consultant view how kitchen shows work and all that. she seemed excited to do that. Is that legal? I told her i cant pay her or give her anything for it except maybe some experience for when she is ready to become a consultant herself. what do you all think? I'm not really sure how to handle this situation!!
  2. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    For hosting, you can put it under the daughter's name; but if her mother is thinking about becoming a consultant and wants to use some of the host credit towards purchasing the kit, I'd put it under the mom's name. If she's not going to use the credit, it might not be a bad idea to put it under the daughter's name because then for any bookings, she can buy the host specials (if the mom's name was used and the mom became the consultant, she'd lose the future host specials). I hope that makes sense!

    As far as becoming a consultant, she does have to be 18. She could certainly attend shows, and you could pay her if you have the money to do so. She could help with order taking, handing out catalogs, drawing slips, etc. It's also a tax write off to you if you do pay her.

    Aug 28, 2005
  3. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    thanks so much for the quick reply. I havent spoke to her mother yet about becoming a consultant. When I spoke to the girl about hosting the show she had just got back from a funeral :eek: and i was so uncomfortable talking to her then but she was fine with it. I told her to tell her mother to expect a phone call from me this week sometime I wanted to give them time to get over the funeral thing. her mother had circled yes for a catalog show and consultant and her daughter booked the kitchen show. its kinda confusing keeping the two strait!! My husband is my "partner" so to say. he is a tremendous help. he even helps with the recipes when i get behind or need someone to demo a tool and i cant get a volunteer. but i dont want to just shrug her off either. i'm not sure which way i will go with it. maybe let her come to a few and see how she does. she says she can talk in front of crowds wiht ease. any other suggestions would be appreciated!!
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