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I have a couple of questions about having a bridal shower. First, if


Aug 16, 2005
I have a couple of questions about having a bridal shower.
First, if a guest wants to order something for herself, does it have to be sent in as an individual order?
Second, can the host of the shower be the co-host of the show?
I have a possible lead on a bridal shower this summer and when the future MIL asked me questions about it last night at a show, I was really clueless because I have never done one before! Thanks!

Julie Myers
Denver, PA


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
I love Bridal shows! No, customer/guest is not placed as an individual order. There are tons of alternatives on how to do bridal shows. Each consultant does it a bit differently. Have you read these threads? I assure you that you'll get all of your questions answered, and then some!
Although the guest is entered as an order, you'll put the bride's products as the host or co-host order (your preference).
I personally do all products as the guest's individual order for payment convenience (since I bring my laptop anyway), then just go back and delete from guest's and move to the bride's after the show. My personalized order forms (not PC) that I use make it super easy to determine what was for bride and what they're ordering for themselves. There's always an overpayment of shipping, but that helps me cover the additional costs of extras that I throw in (apron, decor, etc).
Most guests will order something for themselves once they know the bride is getting even more benefit from additional product. I always talk about how it compares to a department store gift registry.
Read the bridal posts and decide which method will best suite your show.