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I had to share this with you


May 12, 2005
Today i went to the mall and there was a booth on a new kind of medical treatment. I started to ask question about what it was and the guy there answer me no problem, but when I ask about the 10 min free trial, he sarted to judge me because he had ask me if I had insurance , if I was working, if I had a husband things like that, and honest as I am I said no to all the above. Then he told me that he did want to waist the time of free trial on people that couldn't aford to have treatment.

I got very mad and I asked him what was giving him the right to judge if I could affort it or not!! I was UPSET. First it was none of his business. Maybe I couldn't afford it right now but what about in 2 months from now? Or even next week? The chance was there for me to see what it was and maybe give me the thought of thinking about it when I will have $55 to spend on 1 hour treatment.

All that to say that we can not judge anyone is the Pampered Chef business or in any type of business, because we never know what the future will be.
I reallise that does not matter what your life is or how you look like because everybody's life is different and you never know what will be around the corner. What if my experience of today with that new medical treatment give me the chance to feel good everyday of my life without taking medication anymore? Would that be a good investment? I'm really the ONLY judge of that. I don't want to take medication all my life because I had a job injury, what if that new treatment be the answer I've been looking for since my accident? He was not allowed to decide for me nor are we allow to choose for our custumers.

I thought this experience was a great lesson, I've never been in that kind of situation before, always had a well paid job, maybe I'm going thru a rough time right now but I don't ever want to feel the way I felt today because of that guy.


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Jan 21, 2005

You make an excellent point! How dare we decide who would benefit from our opportunity - job or show - and only offer to some? How do you feel when someone is offered something and you aren't? NEVER decide for them.

I have a consultant on my team who is a good friend. She is an older lady with diabetes, breat cancer surviver twice, other health problems and a husband with heart problems. She loves the products and hosted several shows but I never asked her because I thought she had so much on her plate already. Well, one day we were talking about someone who was thinking about joining my team but just to do catalog shows and SHE said tell me about that.

RED FLAG!! We talked about why I didn't offer and she understood fully. I told her how our business works (she wanted to know minimums) and after thoughtful consideration and prayer she joined our team! Well, this one catalog show a month consultant has done at least 2 shows (many COOKING) most months and now has a goal of Future Director - her first recruit signed last month. She gives a great testamony of how PC really helps her through otherwise difficult days. It's awesome.

Never judge!