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I had my First Show!!!


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Jun 20, 2005
I had my first show last night and was kinda disappointed with it. I thought I did OK but I knew the host and 2 of the 5 that attended. My host was wonderful. She did everything she possibly could for a great show. I could NOT have asked more of her, but no one came. She invited 59 people!!! :D We had 5 show up. So, I was expecting at least 10. Does anyone have problems with their Friday night shows being low in attendance? :confused: I was also disappointed in the fact that sales were low. My host has 2 large outside orders so those will help, but with 59 people you'd think the sales would have been better. Only $65 at the show. I know that 2 of those that attended are waiting to buy at their own shows. The host's grandmother ordered even though she's having a show for another consultant on the 27th. We did get 2 bookings and a catalog show. So, that helps. Now my host who is also my 1st RECRUIT only has to book one more show to get the Roasting Pan and qualify! YEAH! :D I can't smile enough about signing a recruit!! I guess it wasn't a total flop I did get 3 bookings and 1 recruit out of the show. I don't know if I'm cut out for this. I do have another 7 shows on the books and two more in the wings. I just need to practice more I think and get my presentation down better. The girls would ask a question about something and get the whole show totally off topic!!

I'm so sorry, I just rambled on a bit!!
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Feb 22, 2005
Congratulations! I would say it was a great success. Don't think that you are not cut out for this just yet. It takes practice and even though our shows is usually what we worry about most at first, host coaching may be an area to focus on next. The fact that she invited 59 people says a ton but those invitations are fogotten mail by most people without a reiminder call.

To increase attendance, coach your hosts on the importance of reminder calls. Peoples lives are busy and many who would have come just forget when it was taking place. After that, they think it is over and there is nothing they can do because they didn't come. Have her get on the phone now and offer to take orders for the things that they would have liked to have ordered had they come. Follow up is the key!!!

I have taken the reminder calls into my own hands. Along with sending the invitations for my guests (this way I know they got sent) I have also set up an account with postcalls.com. This is a service that we can record a message and they will make the calls for us. There is a special discount for Pc Consultants so 500 calls comes to $37.50.

If anyone is interested you would need to speak to Kathie Davis. Her e-mail address is [email protected]. She is who will give you the discount. I have tried this and am very excited to offer this to my hosts. If you do sign up they also have a referal program. My referal # is 2077785670. For every referal you will get 50 free calls. Refer your downline as well and get free calls for yourself. I think this will make a hugh difference in our businesses if we increase what we do for our hosts.


Apr 20, 2005
Don't be discouraged. We all have shows like this. Just concentrate on what lies ahead. It's great that you have so many shows booked for the future and 1 recruit already! Good Job! My very first show was kind-of the opposite. There were 17 guests in attendance, which made me very nervous, I had great sales (over $1000), but not one single booking! I was thrilled with the show itself, but without having any new bookings, my business kind-of stalled for a while and it seems like it took a long time to get it on the right track. Don't focus on the negative, but rather on the positive and things will turn around. As far as poor attendance on Friday nights, I think it just all depends. Maybe it had to due with the weather, maybe it's the last Friday night before kids go back to school and families had one last night out, maybe people just forgot, who knows? Friday nights can be great. Encourage your hostess to call some (or all 54 ;) ) of the people who didn't come, and say something like "I'm sorry we missed you at the show, but it's not to late to place an order. Or, maybe you would like to host your own show and earn lots of FREE products." You might increase the show sales a little more and/or get more bookings! :)


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Feb 3, 2005
What an AMAZING SHOW! I'd say that was a HUGE SUCCESS! You need to look at the BIG PICTURE! You have future shows and an opportunity to meet new peole PLUS you are one recruit away from becoming a FUTURE DIRECTOR and you have only had ONE SHOW!


Jun 6, 2005
Donna that was a great show! Like the other ladies said always focus on the positive. You had a lot of positives! Good going!


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Jun 22, 2005
I don't want to burst any bubbles... but..
I had a host that had 5 bookings!! I was thrilled until she told me that she was going to sign!... I was still happy with the recruit, but I knew that I had to give her those bookings... those are her first shows.
Those people are her friends... who would she ask to have her first shows if her friends just had a show with you?
Your host, knowing 50+ people, may want you to do the shows. She has tons of other friends who may want her to do the show. Ya never know... But the way PC suggests is to give that new recruit the bookings from her own show.
Talk to your recruit. Sorry I didn't want to burst any bubbles.