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I had an idea


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Jul 24, 2005
and would like some feedback, please!

I haven't had my first show yet (it's in two weeks) but I've been practicing my presentation like crazy. One of the things I've noticed is that when I stop to think about what I'm saying outloud, I say "um". I say it a lot.

So, was thinking of a game, sort of, where before the show actually begins, I tell everyone that I need help in breaking the "um habit" and to call out whenever they hear me say "um." I will make little tickets that say "Um's the word!", and hand one to whoever catches me first each time. At the end of the show, whoever has the most wins a small door prize (like the cake tester or citrus peeler).

I think this will do a few things. 1) it will help me break the habit, hopefully, 2) will put a lot of focus on what I'm talking about and the words I am saying, and 3) will generate a talkative fun group.

The only thing I wish I could think of was a way to turn this into a booking opportunity, but my mind goes blank. I think it may be a fun way to keep people alert and paying attention though.

Would love input!



Jul 12, 2005
Hi Jacey,
Here's an idea...instead of giving them a small prize, offer them one of four envelopes with slips of paper inside. Label each slip $1, $2, $3, and $5. Once she picks the envelope, ask her if she'd like to keep her envelope, or trade for a prize (citrus peeler, Season's Best, etc.). Once she decides (let the group help her with her decision), tell her you want to play "Let's Make a Deal" with her. Tell her she can keep her prize, or swap for the envelope. If she decides to book a show, she can either get a second prize free, or, if she takes an envelope, she can double what's inside the envelope if she holds a show with you within the next month (or whatever time frame you want to give). Remind her that one of the envelopes has $5, so it's potentially $10 off her order if she will date a kitchen show with you that night!

I've done this twice, and got bookings both times! I found the idea on a Games file that was posted here...I've attached that file.


  • games 1.doc
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Be careful how you use booking incentives

With a booking incentive, you might want to consider giving the incentive to the host at her show rather than at the show from which she books.

So instead of letting her open the envelope and double her $5 award to $10 to use as a discount on that night's order, tell her that the $10 award can be applied toward recipe ingredients for her show or toward her host order the night of HER show.

You always want to be sure that you're not giving away the store with incentives. Games can help generate interest but the host program is soooo generous as it is that you shouldn't really feel too compelled to offer alot extra to get someone to host.

One idea that I heard on a PC Audio is this:
When the host gets 2 bookings at her show, when both bookings hold, the original host from which they booked will get a reward. It helps to get your current host invested and involved in the booking process.

So for example, Sue hosts a show and her friends Mary and Jane book. When the second show holds, Sue gets to choose a booking reward from the consultant -- Stoneware Bar Pan, Food Chopper or Double Boiler, for example. You buy the "reward" on the second host's order with her discount so it's not costing you full price AND you're making commission on it.

Her friends feel good, they helped Sue out and Mary & Jane are handsomely rewarded anyway by the host program. Of course, they're eligible for the same reward if they get two bookings on their shows.

Just a thought....

Phyllis Rampulla
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janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I offer a gift to my host that if they get 3 people to book from their show after the 3rd person holds their show I will give them a free gift: normally I offer a free cookbook. I know its $15 but it is work it to get 3 bookings. They don't get the gift though till the 3rd show is held.

As far as the umm game, if it will help you out I don't see why you couldn't try it. This is your business and whatever works best for you is best. It will probably definately break the ice for you and you guests. Hopefully after your first few shows you won't need to play it anymore. :p


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Jun 14, 2005
I do something similar to the UM game... I do Quick and Easy. I pass a quikut knife to the person sitting closest to me. (in the bag with my card tied to it) then I tell them that whoever hears me say the words "quick" or "easy" first gets the knife. At the end of the presentation whoever has the knife gets to keep it. I encourage them to jump or yell or whatever it takes to get the persons attention that has the knife. I think it is a good way to help keep them focused on me, while they are having fun.
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