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I got an Outside Order on my Website - Now What do I do??


Senior Member
Feb 18, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited - I just got my first outside order from my website. I just have a few questions I know some of you will be able to answer.

First, do I have to enter this order on Pampered Partner? If so, she paid by credit card and of course the number doesn't show up, what do I do about the payment? My email notice states "The customer's credit card will not be processed until the ord er has shipped." How does this work?

Second, she ordered the Easy Read Measuring Cups, but they are on sale. Can I update her order? I really would like her to get the sale price.

Third, when I went to the "Work with your shows" section of the Personal Web Site Assistant it stated I should mark the order as reviewed. What does this do?

Thank you for any help you can give me. I know some of you have been through this before so I thought I would ask before calling HO for help.

This order is for a fund-raiser show I'm doing on Sunday. I'm hoping to make it a successful one!

Thanks again,

Rhonda B.


Mar 27, 2005
When you go to the Work with your shows and look at the order under that you will see the CC number. They don't let it show up in an e-mail so her CC doesn't get stolen.
Yes, enter the info into PP. And give her the sale price. Make sure to call the guest who ordered and verify the order, and then make sure you let her know that you gave the sale price. She will like that.

By marking it as reviewed that just tells you that you already looked at this order. So when you start getting lots of orders you can tell which ones you have seen and which ones are new.

Any other questions, just ask!!


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Mar 29, 2005
First, Congratulations on your first web order!!!
Now, to answer your questions.....
1.If she put in a hosts name, then YES you need to add it into PP. That way the host can get credit for her order. To get her CC number, you need to go to CC, go into the Personal Website Asst and Review her order and copy and paste her CC into PP. Also make sure you add her address and contact info for future mailings. The CC will get charged when you submit the fundraiser.
2. Since she paid by CC, definitely update her Measuring Cups with the sale price and let her know you did so. I would even call her and let her know(great customer service) and also ask her if theres something she wants to get to replace that $4.
3. SImply marking the order as reviewed is so that it doesn't keep poppinp up. It lets you know that you took care of that order.

Good Luck with your Fundraiser!!