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Pampered Chef: I forgot to post this on my other thread, but do all consultants get a

  1. I forgot to post this on my other thread, but do all consultants get a free personal website, or do you have to buy space? Can customers order from it and/or set up registries? What other computer software/helpful books, etc do consultants get to use? Thank you
    Jun 10, 2005
  2. Brianne

    Brianne Novice Member


    The websites are by subscription. You can either pay for 6 months at a time, or for a full year. I started out by just trying it for 6 months and decided after the first couple of shows that I'd be renewing it for another full year! Customers can place an order through it, and you enter it into PamperedPartner through which you can submit it. Hosts can set up their wish lists, but I believe that official registries are set up online through the Pampered Chef home site.

    You receive the PamperedPartner program for free with your Starter Kit. That program is a godsend!

    I also like to balance my PC Checking account (and home accounts for that matter) with Microsoft Money. (You purchase it through Microsoft, or from a retailer.)
    Jun 11, 2005
  3. Michelle K

    Michelle K Novice Member

    I have question too about the consultant websites do you feel it has helped your business a lot by having the website? I am trying to restart my business and trying to keep expenses down but was thinking the web sites are really our future and sound really cool. Is it really worth the money to do one and is hard to keep up to date?
    Jun 27, 2005
  4. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Yes, Get it!

    I feel like my website is definitely worth the money. I have only had it for @4 months and have had many orders placed on it! I I've had about $500 worth of orders on it and the guests seem to LOVE having it available. I even get asked "Can I place an order online?" I love to say "Yes, you can!" It is the way of the future and if you can somehow afford it, I say DO IT!! :) :p

    The website is very easy to manage. PC has all the stuff done for you and you just add the pictures that have provided on the site as well!!! It's very easy to do and you can even get creative and add you own thing! Good Luck! :D
    Jun 27, 2005
  5. I did

    I created a website a couple of days ago. A lot of people want to see what the products look like. I think it is a good thing. I see how it goes for the first 6 months and see if I will continue with it.
    Jun 27, 2005
  6. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Yes - get the website!

    I totally agree with Kristi. I signed up for it as soon as it was available and have never looked back. Both hosts and guests love it. I've had quite a few hosts who didn't even mail invitations - they only used e-invites, and had $1000 + shows. It is so easy to design your website w/ all the tools the P.C. gives you.

    Good luck!
    Jun 27, 2005
  7. Kathylynn

    Kathylynn Member

    I checked out some other people's sites a couple days ago, and I'm definitely getting one with my first commission check ;)
    Jun 29, 2005
  8. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    I can't afford it at this time, but I figure it's much cheaper than buying tons of catalogs for everyone. And people are beginning to find it more convient to shop online. But I do have one ??. Do you have to check your site for orders, or do you receive an email notice? Also, when they order, do you collect money or is their credit card already entered into your PC info.?
    Jul 4, 2005
  9. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Online orders

    You will receive an e-mail notification that an order has arrived. All the info will be in the e-mail so that you can enter it into Pampered Partner, but you'd then go to the website and mark it "reviewed". The customer can pay the same way as if placing a regular order. If paying by credit card, the information will be available to you on the website order only, not the e-mail notification (thus you would HAVE to go to the website to get the info). There's also a payment choice for the customer that says: "contact customer for payment information". In that case, you'd contact the customer for arrangements (in my experience, most guests will still pay by credit card, they just don't want to enter it online; however, some have sent checks or gave the host checks or cash)
    Jul 5, 2005
  10. chefmary

    chefmary Member Gold Member

    Website Enhancements

    Has anybody noticed the website updates for entering shows? It looks very cool! There is a search feature, and I wonder if there is going to be a link to Pampered Partner??? We might find out pretty soon!!
    Jul 7, 2005
  11. tracychef

    tracychef Guest

    I did a workshop at Conference on websites, and got the chance to pump Tech Support for all the info I could weasel out of them! Most of the time, the answers were "not at this time," but they did indicate that they wouldn't be linking to PPartner any time in the near future. We also asked about counters for our websites; they've researched that, and for some reason, it can't be done with our type of website.

    I love mine, it's more than worth the money, and I like the professional look it gives my business. Interestingly, I had the opportunity to check out the website from another direct selling business, Stampin' Up, and they were remarkably similar to ours!

    I use mine to create e-mail invitations for my past hosts and guests in my address book - without sending them through the website. You can really get creative, and the graphics are wonderful! Just set up a show with yourself as the host, go to "customize email" and send it to yourself. You can then cut and paste and send it on to your groups. It's great when you want to do a quick online catalog show for a special occasion.

    Jul 20, 2005
  12. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    Just starting out...

    I will be subscibing for a website this weekend!! I am so excited because I have heard so many great things about them and I am anxious to see what it can do for my business! I had a couple of questions for those of you who have one:
    1) How long did it take you to finish it publish it?
    2) How long after you subscribe are you able to work on it and get it online?
    3) Is it easy to maintain?
    I just wanted to know so I know how much time I need to set aside for it. My daughter takes about a 2 1/2 nap in the afternoons and that is usually the time I set aside to work on PC. Or should I just wait until she goes to bed for the night to work on my website?!?! :p
    Jul 26, 2005
  13. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Erica, as you sign up on PC's site for your website, it walks you through immediately setting it up. You can use their default items and text suggestions, or build your own. You are limited to "designing" it, which for those of us who are familiar with web design are probably a little dissappointed in. Therefore, answering your questions...
    1) Initially, due to playtime, allow a good hour or two.
    2) Immediately able to access & create
    3) I update once a month. Takes maybe 30 minutes to add the new special.
    Jul 26, 2005
  14. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    Thank you!

    :D Thanks Rita for answering my questions!! I was really curious on how long it all takes.

    So people are able to place outside orders through the website right? For example, if I have 2 shows open at the same time and I get a few orders for each show through my website...I put them through on PP under the appropriate show? That is how I assume it works...if I'm no where close please inform!! HAHA!! Thanks!! And sorry for all the questions :rolleyes: !!
    Jul 26, 2005
  15. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    Yes, that is how it works. I am with you- I just got my website last week and have 2 shows going in it right now. I called one of the hosts this morning to tell her how to access it and in 20 minutes she had 2 orders on there. I think it will be even better in September when customers can put in single orders without it being connected to a show. I am very excited about the possibilities.
    Jul 26, 2005
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