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I did it!!!!!!!


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Sep 7, 2005
I'm probably one of the worst phone phobic PC gals around and I actually got on the horn and made 5 calls just now! Whooo-hooo, major deal for me! I had made some CC calls a month ago (on machine only) but this was the very first time I made calls to follow up on with the "maybe" interested slips. My first one was a total shakey call, I messed up my script, I stutttered and could not get the words out right! So she says Umm I will have to think about it (like I was this crazy lady). I kept up the momentum and figured it couldn't get worse than that! :eek:
2nd call she said yes she would be interested (as I followed the script verbatum) after about 5min of telling her the host specials and how much her friend earned at her show etc.. she said yes not sure about month, either March or April but -yeay- for me! :)
#3,4 and 5 were not home. But I I finally made some follow up calls! Whhh it feels like a load was lifted! Now I just have to make myself call the not home later tonight? Dont' know if friday is a good night though? :confused:

thanks for listening or reading my major triumph! :D

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Friday night is a hard night sometimes to get ahold of people. Try tomorrow morning at around 10- 11 am. Most people are home around then. Good luck!


Aug 5, 2005
Congratulations Heather!

I feel the same way when I'm done making CC calls, like a weight was lifted!!
I just like the outcome of making calls. Everyone really appreciates it, and most of the time you'll get someone who wants to host a show. :D

Keep making the calls, it's worth it!