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I did it!!

Pampered Heather

Novice Member
Jul 5, 2005
I am offically a Pampered Chef Consultant - filled out my agreement this morning after thinking about it for a month! Can't wait. I've gotten lots of great receipe and show ideas from everyone here. I can't wait to start! First show scheduled for August 10th!! :eek: Scared out of my mind but gotta try it!!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Congrats! That's such great news. That's great that you already have a show scheduled in a few weeks. Maybe you'll get that bonus if you have and submit two shows by August 15th so you earn the mid-season products for free! Welcome aboard. You're in the right place to get great ideas!


Legend Member
Gold Member
Mar 29, 2005
Welcome Heather! You made an excellent decision with joining PC! I am going into my 5th month and LOVE getting FREE stuff all the time! My word of advice is: If there is a promotion out, strive to reach it! If you don't reach it, you will end up purchasing the product and wish that you had earned it FREE! Good Luck! :p