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I Did It!!!


Apr 22, 2005
Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I just entered my last show for this month and I reached the $1250, so I will get my SS1 bonus. Hoping for even better sales for next month. Can't wait to get all my new stuff.

Thanks for listening,


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Congrats to both of you! That's exciting. I remember how fun it was when the packages would arrive-it was like Christmas. I did it when the Super Starter Program was 6 months long. I REALLY raked in the free products. I think it ended up being about the same value of products you could earn then that you can now, it was just structured a little differently. Although now that I think about it, I think you have the chance to earn even more now. Very cool! Keep up the good work. ;)


Novice Member
Apr 9, 2005
am happy for you two!! I sadly was only 196 dollars away from the superstarter stuff but i think i did qualify; am waiting to find out if my shows got picked up today. I still have to use mail till i get my first paycheck and i couldnt afford the money to fedex it so cross your fingers for me. If nothing else i will get a nice paycheck so...........
If they dont show up till june will they count towards superstarter two; does anyone know? tia


Mar 26, 2005
Me too!!!

So happy after being bummed out missing it last month, but that "carry over" show really helped and I made it for the first time for my SS month 2.

WOO HOO!!! Congrats to all you bonus earners out there. Christmas in June! How much fun is that??


My third SS month was May- so now it's over for me. Boo hoo! Of course, the June Sell-A-Thon helps me to stay motivated! But getting those boxes every month was GREAT. I earned each month's bonuses and 4 plus bonuses- we have had to get rid of a lot of old kitchen stuff! (no recruiting bonuses, though.) The thing is, the more I get the more I want! I started thinking about kit enhancment month and I have a lot on my list :)


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Gold Member
Mar 29, 2005
My 3rd SSmonth is June and am really excited on at least selling $1500 worth of product! I have $900 in my reserve bank so I can't wait to have my shows! I earned both ss packages and just received my month two stuff yesterday! Man, I think the two things that I really wanted to earn was the tool-turn-about and the US&G! I have been borrowing those two things since I started so now I finally own them! Yeah! I love getting those packages in the mail!

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
me too me too

I'm right there with all of you. How awesome is the company????

I love getting the packages. I got my SS #2 bonus today. I wanted that tool turnaround so badly! My kids love seeing the UPS man come to our house, too. They like to pop the packing bubbles.

I hope to have a big June. I want to get my third SS bonus & at least three of the extra bonuses. I also want to get as many of those Fall products as I can. I have two recruits signing up this month as soon as we close their shows...so I can try to get them qualified by July and earn the suprise $60 worth of Fall products.

Whew...have I mentioned how great this company is???