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I did it!!!!

Apr 1, 2005
I never post, but I always read. Well this month (April) is my SSM1 and I thought I wasn't going to qualify, but kept trying because I really wanted the cookware, the mid-season products..etc, it was just everyone was so busy (I had a 3 catalog show's and only 1 kitchen show) I'm happy to annouce everything came together! :) Whoo Hoo, I'm even above the $1250. I just need to submit all the shows (doing that Wed. when my last show closes). I already have shows lined up for May, 1 for July. Now my job is to get more shows for May and June. :)

I just needed to share my excitement! Thanks! :)

Sara :p


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Mar 29, 2005
I did too!

Hi Sara! April is my first SS month and I didn't know if everything would come together because I only had 2 catalog shows! I kept telling my aunt that she would be so gracious to hold a kitchen show for me and that I would make her favorite cake (the turtle fudge skillet cake~All the best cookbook) as a little treat for her party! I also told her that I need a $400 show to get me to the next level! She honestly would have been happy just to reach that so when I left her house that night she was $5 shy of reaching that goal! She was shocked and she still had coworkers who wanted to purchase! She finally reached $575 in sales but wouldn't settle for that! She wanted to get to the $600 level and she made it! My total commissionable sales this month were $1496! I just need to do really well these next few months so I can earn the stoneware package! I was so happy to reach that so I could get the cookware, midseason, ss month 1 pkg and a paycheck! Oh, and a bracelet! I am so excited so we made a deal that I have to make some macadamia cookies with the new ice cream sandwich maker! :p I am having surgery on the 28th (thyroid, ugh!) so I don't know how long I am going to be down for so I have lined up a possible fundraiser with a school and a catalog show while I am recooping! My next kitchen show is tomorrow night and then not again until May 21st! That seems so far away but I don't want to shaft any of my hosts with not giving it my best! I am so excited for you as well! It's so nice to reach that goal and to talk to someone else who is just as excited! My family is already telling me that I have showed them everything I earned already! OOPS! ;) I guess I can't contain myself! Good Luck the next few months!
Apr 1, 2005
Kristi - GREAT JOB. I don't have my final totals due to the last show closing out on Wed., but I'll be right around where you are, I'm hoping for more, but am trying not to get my hopes up. It is nice to know you made a goal!
Good luck with your surgery! I hope it all goes well.

Thanks! Get well so you can jump back out there and sell! :)


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Mar 29, 2005
Great Job!

Sara~Thank you very much! I am hoping you do better than that too! I love that it goes into a reserve bank! What bonus pkg will you pick when you reach that goal? Let me know what your final totals are! I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday!
Apr 1, 2005
Thank you Kristi.

It's so nice to have a support group like this - as well as my cluster.
Well I'm off to bed - (I have another job - office manager for an aerospace company and 4am comes really early!). Have a great night. Talk to you later.


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Feb 3, 2005
CONGRATULATIOS to all! Just love that UPS man (or woman)!! Make sure you get your shows submitted before the end of the month.

Keep up the momentum and tell everyone outside of PC people how well you did and what you earned.



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Apr 13, 2004
That great news from all of you!

Ginger is very correct in that you do not want to wait until the end of the month to turn in all your shows. Make very sure that as soon as you close, you transmit. Three reasons:
1) Is that once it is closed, you do not have to worry about it any more except to get the receipts to the host.
2) The middle of the month has been fantastic for "turn around times". I submitted a show last Thursday, it shipped Friday and was at the host's home
on Monday!!! That keeps your hosts coming back for more, and more and more....
3) If you have direct deposit, and I suggest you do because I believe they too will eliminate checks soon, you can get paid 2 times a month instead of once! Shows submitted from the first of the month until the 15th gives you a pay day on the 22nd.

Phenominal job. You have a great handle on host coaching!

Applause all around!!


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Apr 27, 2005
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