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I cant believe this !!


Jul 6, 2005
I just checked Ebay for the heck of it , to see if people were selling the new show to go bags ! People are selling the entire 3 piece set ! There is one going for $355.00 !!! And it has one day left !! The meduim bags second level are going between $50.00 and $77.00 for one bag !! what is wrong with these people ! Are they crazy to pay that much money ! LOL ! we got ours FREE ! I also do not understand why consultants are selling them ! we just got them ! Urgg oh well I guess what can you do !


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Jan 4, 2005
Check this out too!

I saw that too! I guess these consultants are all about the mighty $$$. I for one sure didn't work that hard to get my cases just to sell them!
Ok so I checked stones on ebay for the heck of it - (what at fun Saturday night, LOL) anyway someone from Staunton, Va is selling stones and telling people to spray them with Pam when they get them until they are seasoned.(she described it "soft & smooth") LOLOLOL I just had to laugh. They are brand new cranberry bakers, pie plate, DDB, oval baker, etc...Part of me thought about doing the right thing and contacting the buyer and telling them not to do this - the other part of me wants to just sit back and laugh when this buyer's stone turns all sticky and gooey and yellows. I'll do that cuz I'm not contactiing anybody on ebay - it is just too funny tho.