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I am June. I am an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant

Apr 26, 2017
Hi! I am June and I joined Pampered Chef at the end of March 2017. I am still in my first 30 days. I have been a customer of PC for over 20 years. I have hosted, and been a guest. I love the product, and what Pampered Chef stands for.
I never wanted to sell Pampered Chef, because I did not want to do the home parties. I was having another virtual party in March, and at the end of my party, I told my consultant why I never sold it. When she told me I could sell it completely "Virtual," I signed that night.
I have sold other direct sales products, but I have never loved them the way I love Pampered Chef.
I plan on making this a long term business.
I had a goal within my first two days, and I have been unstoppable. I am learning something new each day, and while browsing for more info, I stumbled onto this forum. I was really happy to see it.
I look forward to learning and sharing with Y'all! I hope to get to know you, and we together, can stand out from the rest of direct sale. I already think Pampered Chef does, but we can always move forward!
Kindly, June Moore