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HWC Invitation - HELP!

Brenda K.

Gold Member
Mar 17, 2005
HI everyone, I need your help if anyone has made up a Help Whip Cancer invitation either flyer or postcard could you email it to me. I like to make up special invitations for May for my hosts to send out. Yes, I did one last May and found that when I got a new computer my invitation did not get transferred. I need them ASAP to give to a host. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you! Brenda
Mar 2, 2006
Here is mine, I printed it in grey scale, on Pink paper, (turned out great!!) and the ribbons looked like they were a different shade of pink. I was impressed. It is just a simple invite (I'm not all that creative). Hope that this helps. :)


  • hwc invite.doc
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