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HWC & Doctors Offices


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Jan 4, 2005
I did not get very involved in the HWC last year due to planning my daughters June wedding. This year, I'm starting to think ahead! Have any of you had any luck with dropping off the special HWC order forms and catalogs at doctors offices and collecting orders? We have a big cancer center here so I was just wondering......how would I best go about this and approach them?


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Jun 29, 2005
I'm really glad you posted that because I have been thinking about the same thing. There is a Cancer center about 30 miles from my house. I was also thinking of dropping something off but wasn't sure what to do or say.


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Aug 11, 2006
Just bumping this I would also love an answer!!!


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Dec 1, 2005
I covered my town in HWC order forms and cattys last year, and even got an acticle in the local paper about HWC. I had a horrible response and barely closed the show at $300. I think people were too overwhelmed by the whole catalog and never ended up ordering.

This year I am going to focus on the HWC products only and see if I can get more sales that way. The answer I kept getting at most doctor's offices was that they get so many offers all year long to buy things for various causes that there is no way for them to purchase everything.


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Jan 21, 2007
I do a spreadsheet with the HWC products pictured at the top with prices and what it's for. Then it's kind of like a fundraiser sheet so name, number, qty, total, etc can be filled in. I give them to past hosts to take to work and friends and family. I will also try other places, like dentist and bank, etc. I'll post it when I get it done. I also bring this with me whereever I go (scrapbooking, to other parties, etc) and to shows in March and April! If I get orders b/c of a show, I'll give the host a pink item for free.


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Sep 7, 2006
I have been blessed to book a show with a nurse in our Oncology Center! I am not sure if she's doing a cooking or catalog show but she is excited.