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HWC & Doctors Office


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Jan 4, 2005
I posted this down under fundraisers already, but this may be the more appropriate place! Last year I did not do anything with this because I was busy planning my daughters wedding for early June. We have a big Cancer Center here. I was thinking of droppiing off a couple catalogs and order forms and doing maybe a mystery host type show. This place is huge with lots of employees. Draw one name at the end for the benefits. What do you think? How do I approach them....or would you go about this a different way. Anyone with experience in HWC please help! I'm tryin to plan ahead and go about this in the best way! We also have a Heart Center here too.


Nov 11, 2005

You might want to present it as a fundraiser for the cancer center or the doctors offices. I don't know if they accept money like that, but you could explain to them they get up to 15% of the sales and $2.00 for every booking ALSO, for every HWC item sold $1.00 will be donated to the HWC campaign. Then you can offer something for the top in sales, the one with most bookings... etc. that would have to come out of your pocket but it's usually worth it, AND it's a write off at the end of the year.