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HWC Cups and Squares


Dec 16, 2005
I'm not sure this is the right place for this post, but will guests be able to buy the cups and squares at the "regular" price? I know that I can sell the cups and squares, but I'm not sure that I can talk as many people into doing shows in order to earn them...plus I know several people who wouldn't want them unless they could get a set of four. Thanks!


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
Brandie said:
...plus I know several people who wouldn't want them unless they could get a set of four. Thanks!

One more incentive for them to have a guest at their show book another show for May! Then he/she can purchase another set. :)


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
If they want a set of four, sell them the coffee and more cups and white squares and then they can mix and match. :)
Feb 15, 2006
Cups and Squares confusion...

Yes, I am confused about that too. On the Host flyer for May, it says that the Host can purchase these at the discounted price which is a $29 savings. It also says that $1 of each sale of the cups and squares will be donated to the American Cancer Society... it just seems like PC will not be donating as much as we could if this is only available to hosts at a "discounted" price. Am I the only one that thinks this? :confused: Will they be available for purchase at another time?



Feb 6, 2006
Yeah, I'd like four myself. It would be great if we could earn the two for turning in two shows between March 1 and 15th AND then another set for turnnig in two more between the 15th and 31st! Wouldn't that be great?

I'll probably host one myself in May so I can get two more for a set of four.


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Jan 29, 2005
I only wish that I needed four set. I am looking to get 8 sets. The reason is that at our church, we have a Calendar Tea every year. Ladies host the tables and it is a theme. Well this year I have been asked to host a table in the month of . This is the month that the American Cancer Society conciders their offical Breast Cancer awareness month. Well, I have been asked to do a BCA table during this month. You have to seat 8 ladies at a table and I would love to have 8 sets of the plates and cups! So if you get yours and you want to sell them, please let me know. I will buy them at a REASONABLE price. Wish me luck finding them all!

God Bless,
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