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How would you handle this?


Advanced Member
Nov 3, 2005
Okay I have a bridal show coming up in a few months, and found out tonight that there will be 60-80 people there. Has anyone done anything this big and how should i go about doing it? Never even done a bridal show, so I have really no clue where to start...Help....:)


Legend Member
Silver Member
Nov 4, 2005
If you lived closer, I would say, "No, don't even attempt it. Have them contact me and I'll take care of it all."

But you don't live close enough, so all I can say is, the only difference between this one and any other show that you do is that you might have to speak a little louder so the folks in back can hear you.


Novice Member
Feb 1, 2006
I would also make up the recipe a few times ahead of time so that there is enough for everybody even so you are demo'ing once. I'm assuming the couple is registered through the registry program......

All I can say is wow and have a blast :) I haven't done a bridal show yet either.

Nov 13, 2005
Bridal Shower

I would say find someone to help you with taking orders a family member or friend who may be interested in the business or there has to be another consultant in your area that can be your trusted assistant for the night.

Paige Dixon

Veteran Member
Aug 11, 2004
I usually have everyone introduce themselves at the beginning and give advice for a new bride. This would take forever at a show this big, so I would skip introductions and find another way for them to sell each other on their favorite products without letting it get out of control. Also, keep it interactive by asking lots of questions at slow places in your demo such as: who here works full time? Who has school aged kids?