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Sales How Would You Handle This


Mar 31, 2009
This might not be the right place for this post....sorry.
I had a guest at a show this past Saturday who placed an order and booked a show. She purchased a little over $60 worth of products, therefore, eligible for two free rubs.
As I was entering the receipts in P3, I realized that she had actually chosen two mixes (not rubs) for her free item, which of course are not free. I sent her an email and told her that although the mixes were not a part of the guest special that I would be glad to order them for her and I would pay for them. By doing that she would be receiving what she thought were her free items and since the two rubs would still be available, I would just keep those.
I also told her that even though I would be out of pocket for her mixes, it was fine with me because since I am highlighting the BBQ Chicken in my demos, I can use all of the Smoky BBQ rub that I can get and this would just keep me from having to place a supply order. I also told her that I would be happy to eat the cost because she booked a show.
She emailed back and apologized for the error and said that she would look at the catalog again and pick out two rubs if that was ok. I emailed her back and told her that was fine or if she wanted to just keep it as is with the mixes, that was fine too.
So far today I have not heard from her. Here is my question - the host will be ready to close the show by Saturday. If I have not heard back from this guest, should I try contacting her again, place her order with the two mixes for her (at my cost) and the rubs for me, or remove her mixes and just pick two rubs for her?
Normally I wouldn't dare ask about me keeping the guest special but since I am offering to buy her two mixes at $5.75 each, and she obviously didn't want a rub, I thought this was more than fair as she is coming out a lot better.


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Jun 27, 2007
Call her, she probably just got busy and forgot to get back with you. If you can't reach her let the host know what is going on. Lots of times my host have alternate numbers for her friends that are a better way of reaching them than what I was given at the show.


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Jun 19, 2008
Since her last thoughts were that she wanted to take another look and possibly do the rubs, I'd really try to call her before submitting it. I'd factor the show total w/o the mixes for the total for your host, just in case she does in fact just stick to picking out the 2 rubs.