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Pampered Chef: How to replace a stone??

  1. Hey everybody, I'm a young PCer and have my first defective baking stone. Actually, I purchased it myself a couple summers ago (June 06 I think), before I was a PC consultant. Now a piece has broken off, and as it was from my bridal shower, I cant remember the name of the consultant who sold it to me. How do I go about replacing it??
    Apr 19, 2009
  2. kcjodih

    kcjodih Legacy Member Gold Member

    Contact HO either by phone or on the adjustment page on CC (I recommend the adj page - much quicker). Give them as much info as you can - when you bought it, who the host was, your full name, your address for them to send the new stone to, that you don't remember the consultant etc and they'll help you out. You'll need to mail back a piece about the size of an egg with the ref number and they'll send you a new stone.
    Apr 19, 2009
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