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How to put Pampered Chef on a resume

Chef susan

Sep 11, 2005
I have a fairly new consultant whose hubby just got laid off---she stays home with the 2 kids--but now she needs a full time job--won't be able to get a teaching job til sept.---how do u really play up Pampered Chef on the resume??!!

I don't know that she has the time and resources to really step up this business--she does enjoy it ---I will definitely mention it tho


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Silver Member
Nov 4, 2005
October 20XX - Present: Independent Consultant, The Pampered Chef. I am currently operating my own business out of my home. Duties include marketing, sales, demonstations, order entry, shipping, receiving and customer service.


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Nov 24, 2004
My resume read:

THE PAMPERED CHEF, Aurora, IL 2004 - Present
Independent Future Director
Market and sell high quality kitchen tools and accessories through in-home demonstrations, booths at trade shows and fundraiser programs.
•Exceeded $15,000 in sales in six months, through part-time work (approximately 5 days per month).
•Mentor and leader to four independent kitchen consultants.
•Create and publish monthly newsletters for customers and other consultants.
•Help plan, lead, and execute monthly kitchen consultant meetings and potential consultant workshops.

I also had it on my cover letter:
"...I also utilize my communication leadership and selling skills as an Independent Pampered Chef Future Director. My ability to effectively communicate to customers and team members will be an additional asset as your Events and Recognition Director."

Guess what...started a job 2 weeks ago and loving it. (After being unemployed for 4 years and just going to school full time)