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How to order replacement pieces?


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Sep 7, 2005
Hi, have never done this before... a customer wants to order some replacement pieces along with a show order can they be ordered together or does it have to be separate? How do you order replacement pieces in any case? Do they cost the customer anything???



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Jan 27, 2005
Don't know if the canadian version of PP is different from the american, but here's how we do it.
It does have to be a different order. Go under non-commissionable sales and chose replacement parts. You can have it shipped to you or the customer. There is a charge for the parts, but not the shipping.



you have to place the orders separate. If you look in your recipe for success book, there is a sheet that has the replacement parts that you can order listed, or you can go to PP and look them up under non-commissionable sales, replacement parts. Each peice has it's own price. The host would owe that plus tax (shipping is included in the price of the item). The replacement parts get sent USPS.

Hope that answers your questions.