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Sales How to make your fall kick off successful?


Veteran Member
Nov 13, 2007
I thought I'd start a thread of tips/ideas on how to make your fall kickoff/open house/last chance, first glance successful.

I'm doing my first fall kickoff (as a last chance, first glance) and am hoping it will be very successful (enough for a aug and sept show, plus *lots* of bookings).

Any ideas?? How do you approach bookings? Sales? Any cute ideas or things that have been successful in the past?


Veteran Member
Oct 15, 2008
The most important thing is to get people there. Don't rely on mail, or email invites. You have to call them and then do reminder calls. Just like you would coach a host to do.

As for ideas on approaching bookings. There is a great interview on CC about this. The consultant that is talking says to offer your services to the prospective host. The way she says it really makes a difference. I suggest taking a listen to the video... https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/activities_events/nmte.html